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Urban and Outdoor Survival

Urban and Outdoor Survival

Urban and Outdoor Survival was established in July of 2019 by Owner and Organizer Marlon Smith, a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast. His goal is to educate the group’s members on the various challenges that might occur in the back country as well as in an urban setting. How to handle them are the bedrock principals of UOS. 

Survival classes are taught in fun and relaxed environments; here we believe learning comes easier when it’s fun. Our classes involve hands on demonstrations on ours day hikes, to the more in-depth on our one and two day campouts, these are predominantly taught in Survive | Explore Harriman | United States. These campouts promote camaraderie and team building as all tasks and activities are performed as a group. They include basic to intermediate survival techniques – fire starting, shelter building and knots, map and compass, water purification, wood work and bush craft cooking to name a few.

In house classes are held at Campmor and are in a classroom setting; here you can also acquire the needed gear for your adventures after the lectures. The group’s organizers will help you pick out the items that are best suited to your needs. These classes cover GO Bag building, “what’s the right gear”, to how to stock of your home in the event of an emergency.

The group is predominately run on Urban and Outdoor Survival (Hawthorne, NJ) | Meetup where you can become a member. However we can also be found on Msmie43 (@urbanandoutdoorsurvival)Instagram photos and videos


Urban and Outdoor Survival is driven to introduce everyone and to teach them of the joys and peace found in nature and to respect its beauty. “Chance favors the prepared mind” so come join us for a great learning experience. Let us arm you with the right knowledge to overcome any challenges or make your leisurely camping experience a great one.

We look forward to meeting you


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Marlon Smith - Owner/Organizer
Urban and Outdoor Survival LLC


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