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Bill & Steph

Bill & Steph

Bill and Steph discovered their love for all things travel and adventure - together, at the beginning of their "covid romance". 


We met when either of us least expected to and fell into a life of traveling the world and US, exploring and adventure whenever we possibly can. Early on in our relationship while getting to know each other we hit the trails and fell in love with all things nature, adventure and exploring - along with each other. We've hiked a lot of the best trails in NJ including our favorite Stairway to Heaven, Pochuck Boardwalk, and we are spoiled with the West Essex Rail and Mills Reservation trail right in our own backyard. We frequent those a lot with our pup Miles who's learned to love the trails and outdoors as much if not more than we do! He's got all the best Ruffwear gear to keep us all comfortable and safe when we're out on the trails.


Hiking soon led us to exploring camping, which to both of our surprise - we fell in LOVE with. The feeling of freedom, fresh air and the quiet outdoors just feels so restorative yet opens us up to so many possibilities. We love to camp whether it be in a tent or a camper van and explore the local trails and beyond. This past year we made it all the way out to hike and camp right IN Yosemite in June, we were then lucky enough to explore the wonders of hiking, camping and Glaciers of Alaska. Up next, we are headed to Sedona in May, then taking off for Banff in July! Not only are we so excited to be exploring new places but we can't wait to try out some new gear while we do!


As our love for being outdoors has grown, we also realized how much we love trying out new gear for all our adventures. Campmor is our favorite place to explore new options, and see what's new. We love getting to chat with the knowledgeable team about all things gear, adventure and our mutual love for the outdoors - hearing their experiences is really something else! They have great insight based on their own experiences and have never steered us wrong on recommendations! 


We love to document our adventures and travel through Bill's Lens - Follow us at @callsignbill and @stephaniehardbodyz