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How to fit a Backpack

Campmor's How To Fit a Backpack

When determining what size pack to buy, how tall you are is not nearly as important as your torso length. A short-legged person and a long-legged person may be exactly the same height, but require different sized packs.

To measure your torso length, you will need some assistance and a flexible measuring device like a tailor's tape. Have a friend measure along your spine from the seventh vertebra (the bump where your shoulder meets the neck) down to a point even with the iliac crest (the top of the hip-bones). The distance along your spine between those two points is your torso length.

When measuring for hipbelts, it is important to measure not the waist or where your pants ride, but in the center of your hipbone (1/2 inch below the top of the hips) where the hipbelt should be worn.

Backpack Care Cleaning

1. Brush off loose dirt with a dry brush
2. As needed, wipe out the inside with a damp sponge and mild soap
3. Rinse only, if possible. Use cold water and a sponge or rinse in a tub without soap
4. Machine wash in front-loading unit (DO NOT use machine with agitator, agitator could cause damage not covered under warranty) with cold water and mild soap (Ivory Flakes, Woolite, Sport Wash, Etc.) Not detergents
5. Do Not soak in soapy water, it may cause delamination
6. Rinse thoroughly to eliminate soap residue.
7. Place pack on frame to air dry. DO NOT use a dryer
8. Always store in a cool, dry area

Backpack Zipper Care

1. Keep loose threads trimmed
2. Keep free from dirt
3. Spray periodically with a silicone spray
4. To prevent salt water corrosion on zipper pulls, make sure you rinse with clear water often