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Outdoors On Purpose

Outdoors On Purpose

Established by Tenisha Malcolm-Wint in 2020, Outdoors On Purpose (OOP) is a hiking commUNITY developed to encourage all people to find respite and joy in the outdoors with particular emphasis on Black & Brown people. With a mission to create unique and memorable experiences for all people, OOP promotes the relationships between people and nature.

Four key pillars of OOP are to:

  • Educate: create and support educational opportunities that expose individuals to nature and make to connections to mental health benefits; wellness; trail navigation, plant identification, hiking guidance, birding, and the history of land
  • Engage: opportunities to intentionally create safe community space
  • Encourage: creating space for participants to have fun; make rom for joy; reflect; assume good intent; and learn about others
  • Explore: creates opportunities for individuals to see and experience new outdoor spaces in the Tri-state area and beyond


I don't currently have a website but its under development. Folks can follow @outdoorsonpurpose on Instagram and Facebook. I am also reachable by email

Urban and Outdoor Survival

Urban and Outdoor Survival

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