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September Preparedness Month

September Preparedness Month

 As September rolls around, it brings with it a sense of change. The sweltering days of summer begin to wane, leaves start to turn, and we are reminded that winter isn't too far off. But September also carries another important reminder—it's National Preparedness Month. This annual observance serves as a call to action, encouraging individuals and families to be proactive in preparing for emergencies and disasters. And what better way to kickstart your preparedness journey than by stocking up on essential gear from Campmor, your one-stop shop for outdoor and emergency preparedness products?

Why Preparedness Matters:

Before delving into the fantastic array of products available at Campmor, it's important to understand why preparedness matters. Emergencies can strike at any time, from natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires to unforeseen events like power outages and medical emergencies. Being prepared means you're equipped to deal with these situations effectively, minimizing risks and ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Campmor: Your Preparedness Partner

Campmor has been a trusted source for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers for over 40 years. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends to the realm of emergency preparedness as well. Here are some of the top products you can find at Campmor to help you stay prepared for whatever September and the months ahead may bring:

  1. Water Filtration Systems: Access to clean water is crucial in any emergency. Campmor offers a wide range of water filtration systems, from portable filters to purification tablets, ensuring you have a reliable source of safe drinking water.
  2. Emergency Food Supplies: When disaster strikes, having non-perishable food on hand can make all the difference. Campmor stocks an assortment of freeze-dried meals, energy bars, and ready-to-eat options that are both nutritious and convenient.
  3. Survival Kits: Campmor's selection of survival kits includes everything you need for basic survival, such as first aid supplies, emergency blankets, multi-tools, and communication devices. These kits are compact and portable, making them ideal for both outdoor adventures and emergency situations.
  4. Shelter and Sleeping Gear: In the event of a power outage or evacuation, having a reliable shelter is essential. Campmor offers a variety of tents, tarps, and sleeping bags designed to keep you safe and comfortable.
  5. Flashlights and Lighting: Don't be left in the dark during a power outage. Campmor carries a range of flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and solar-powered lighting options to keep your surroundings well-illuminated.
  6. Solar-Powered Equipment: In addition to lighting and chargers, consider other solar-powered equipment such as portable solar panels and power banks. These can provide a renewable source of energy for recharging devices and running essential equipment.
  7. Outdoor Clothing and Footwear: Being prepared also means having the right clothing and footwear for different weather conditions. Campmor's selection of outdoor apparel and gear includes everything from rain jackets to insulated boots, ensuring you stay warm and dry.
  8. Communication Devices: Staying connected during emergencies is crucial. Campmor offers a variety of communication devices such as two-way radios, satellite phones, and emergency radios with weather alerts.


September Preparedness Month serves as a reminder that being prepared is a year-round commitment. Campmor understands the importance of readiness and offers a wide range of products to help you and your family stay safe and secure during emergencies. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or someone looking to bolster their emergency preparedness, Campmor is your go-to destination for quality gear and expert advice. Don't wait until disaster strikes—gear up this September and be ready for whatever the future holds. Your safety and peace of mind are worth it.

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