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Load image into Gallery viewer, Sanborn Canoe Co. Nessmuck Bent Shaft Ultra-Light Paddle
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Sanborn Canoe Co. Nessmuck Bent Shaft Ultra-Light Paddle

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The Nessmuk paddle is an all-purpose lightweight canoe paddle that sits at the smallest end of the scale compared to our Gunflint and Gillis canoe paddles, for additional finesse and endurance. Copping the pen-name of George Washington Sears, Field and Stream writer in the 1800s, this paddle is designed to follow his philosophy of saving weight to make your canoe voyage more pleasant.  The paddle’s wide profile makes it adept in shallow water situations, and in deeper water the smaller surface area of the blade is especially suited to paddling in a faster cadence, or sustained paddling over longer periods, with less fatigue and less steering correction needed than with a larger paddle blade.

Our paddles are also normally delivered with the grip unfinished. Ultimately this means you can finish the grip how you prefer; we recommend an oil finish, as it's extremely smooth, comfortable even after a full day of paddling, and it is simple and easy to maintain. It’s a bit more effort, but it’s well worth it. For an nominal fee, we can pre-oil the grip for you prior to shipping, but you'll still want to maintain the grip oil over its life. Click Here to learn more about caring for your paddle grip. 

The Nessmuk comes with an array of options allowing you a dedicated paddle that perfectly conforms to your needs. The 14° Bent-Shaft offers maximum power and bite to propel your canoe when the current or wind is against you. The Nessmuk is offered in three different durability choices: Standard, Wilderness, and Ultralight. The Standard option utilizes Cedar and Aspen with a fiberglass coating to offer a lightweight paddle that perfectly balances weight and durability without sacrificing affordability, making it our most popular choice. If you’re pushing off rocks or tackling tricky currents in narrower rivers or streams, step up to the Wilderness option. Walnut and Cherry hardwoods supplement the standard features to offer a tougher paddle that handles almost anything you can throw at it while only adding a few ounces to the weight. But if your trips require long portages or all-day paddling endurance, consider the Ultralight option. This model is perfect for those looking for a carbon fiber canoe paddle without loosing some of the look and feel of a traditional wood canoe paddle. The thinner blade is backed with carbon fiber, and the shaft thinned relative to the standard model, making an extremely comfortable, lightweight paddle that still feels like a feather even after hours of paddling. Because of the reduced weight, this paddle should only be touching air or water; no shoving off rocks with this option. 

Lastly, you can only love a paddle that fits you perfectly. The Nessmuk is offered in a range of lengths to suit any paddler.

  • Wilderness Paddle Weight: ~ 19 oz Standard Paddle Weight: ~ 16 oz Lightweight Paddle Weight: ~ 13 oz Blade Length (Tip to Throat): 15" Blade Width (Widest Point): 7.75"
  • Weight: 13.00 Ounces

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