Yakima Sightline Tower Sightclip

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SightClip 52SightClip 52
SightClip 47SightClip 47
SightClip 37SightClip 37
SightClip 32SightClip 32
SightClip 28SightClip 28
SightClip 27SightClip 27
SightClip 25SightClip 25
SightClip 19SightClip 19
SightClip 17SightClip 17
SightClip 11SightClip 11
SightClip 10SightClip 10
SightClip 31SightClip 31
SightClip 30SightClip 30
Vendor: Yakima SKU: 8006452

Tailored to precisely fit flush-mount factory side rails, SightClips secure the SightLine Towers to your aerodynamic rooftop. Created in different designs to fit specific vehicles, they have a brilliant clip design that's super strong, easy to install, and holds on tight.

  • Ingenious clips designed to attach SightLine Towers to flush-mount factory side rails
  • Range of clip shapes are engineered for a precise, secure fit to your specific vehicle
  • Unique inner and outer clip design delivers exceptional hold
  • Powder-coated stainless steel provides maximum strength and durability
  • Sold in sets of four - just one kit sets up your system