Superfeet Berry Insole - Women's

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Vendor: Superfeet SKU: 6405-273557

The Superfeet Berry Footbed is built with a slimmer heel and a shorter arch length to specifically fit women's feet. They'll help adapt your shoes to the shape of your feet, leaving you more refreshed and comfortable.

  • Stabilizer capsule has new shape and design to provide exceptional comfort for women who stand, walk, hike or run for extended periods of time
  • High-volume women's insoles take up extra volume in footwear, making them ideal for loose-fitting shoes or narrow feet
  • Topsheets are treated with Agion™ to help control odor
  • Full-length closed-cell foam provides cushioning, while 3/4-length polypropylene heel caps stabilize feet inside boots
  • Deep heel pockets, rockered bottoms and strategically placed new forefoot shock pads add comfort and allow for natural shock absorption
  • Superfeet recommends this style for use in footwear with removable insoles; also suitable for Gore-Tex® footwear