SOL Zipper Pull Compass, 2 Pack

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Vendor: SOL SKU: 0140-0020


Navigate rough terrain and dense forests with the SOL Zipper Pull Compass as a 2nd compass to re-validate readings from GPS or primary compass, or use it as emergency compass . The convenient camping compass can be attached to your zippers on your jacket, backpack, bags, and pants. The button, liquid-filled compass provides fast and easy readings to navigate while hiking, camping, or backpacking. The compass is lightweight and won’t weigh you down while traveling. Stay on the right trail and find your way with the SOL Zipper Pull Compass


Liquid filled button compass can be attached to zippers for easy pulling
Perfect hiking compass for lightweight navigation while backpacking, hiking, camping, and hunting
Compact navigation tool helps you navigate while lost, stranded, or just hiking in dense woods
Survival tool is so small you can store it on your gear bag, jacket, pocket, shoes, and more
Designed for fast, accurate navigation


Pack of 2 compasses