Seals Roof Rack Cam Straps

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$12.95 – $13.95

15 ft.15 ft.
12 ft.12 ft.
Vendor: Seals SKU: A-RRCSP15SS

These padded Cam Buckle Tie Down Straps are the solution for all of your strapping needs. Whether you're securing kayaks to a roof rack or creating a storage system in your garage, these straps have got you covered. The cam pad on the cam buckle guards against scrapes, scratches and gouges that can occur with an exposed buckle. T You'll always want to have a cam strap or two handy in your vehicle and your garage.

  • Cam pad behind the buckle to protect your gear and vehicle
  • Strap length is 15’
  • Keep spares in your vehicle for emergencies
  • Sold as a pair