QuikClot Gauze 3" x 2'

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Vendor: Trauma Care SKU: 5020-0025


The QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze works on contact to stop bleeding by accelerating the body's natural clotting process, clotting blood 5 times faster. The hemostatic gauze is impregnated with kaolin, a naturally-occurring mineral proven to be effective as a hemostatic agent. Inorganic and inert, kaolin is non-allergenic, making it safe and effective to use. This lightweight and extremely absorbent gauze is flexible and pliable, easily contouring to wounds. The design also makes it portable and convenient to use. Take your health to the next level with guaranteed FSA eligible First Aid products.


  • Size: 4.5'' x 0.5'' x 5''
  • Weight: .02 oz.
  • Group size: 1 person
  • Trip duration: Single use



  • Position the gauze over the source of the bleeding
  • Apply pressure to the wound