Nuun Podium Blackberry Lemon Recovery Hydration Powder Packet

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Vendor: Nuun SKU: 12519023

Don’t let your recovery window slow down your progress. For accelerated workout recovery, our bodies need nourishment. Jumpstart your muscle repair and rehydration with Nuun Recover’s all-star combination of Vegan BCAAs, electrolytes, L-Glutamine, and efficient carbohydrates.


  • Jumpstart your rehydration and muscle repair directly after your workout and minimize the time it takes to get back up and running
  • 3:1:1 VEGAN BCAA blend intensifies your protein potency, delivering the muscle recovery benefits of 30g of protein
  • Comes in a resealable cannister or premeasured packets
  • Gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO
  • Nutrients: 50 kcal, 4g sugar, 6g protein, 5g BCAA, 250mg sodium, 500mg potassium, 154mg chloride
Flavor: Blackberry Lemon 
Caffeinated: no