Nite Ize WearAbout Clippable Tracker Holder

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Vendor: Nite Ize SKU: WAT-06T-R6

Keep track of your keys, luggage, and other valuables with this Clippable Tracker Holder for the Apple® AirTag®, featuring a lightweight housing and SlideLock® clip to securely attach to keychains, bags, and more.

Protect your Apple AirTag tracking device from scratches and drops while making it instantly portable with the WearAbout Clippable Tracker Holder. Set in a locking stainless steel clip, WearAbout features a lightweight thermoplastic rubber housing and lid that lock together with a snap. WearAbout is custom designed to snugly hold an AirTag through constant movement on your keys, luggage, or backpack, closing tightly for long-term use while also opening easily with the pull tab along its edge. The stainless steel clip features a patented SlideLock mechanism that locks the gate onto a keychain, D-ring, or zipper, ensuring that your AirTag – and its holder – are there to stay. With a subtle, discreet housing that obscures what’s hiding inside, you’ll never want to use your AirTag without WearAbout again.


  • Securely holds AirTag (AirTag not included)
  • Perfect for locating keys, luggage, bags + more
  • Lightweight, discreet + protective housing
  • Strong stainless steel clip + wire gate
  • SlideLock slide-to-lock carabiner
  • Inner grooves on housing create tight, confident hold
  • Pull tab on lid allows for easy opening
  • Easily replace AirTag battery while in holder