Nite Ize HookLock Locking Bungee

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$4.99 – $5.99

36 in36 in
48 in48 in
Vendor: Nite Ize SKU: BHL24-10-R3

The HookLock Locking Bungee provides the strength and security you need when bundling and transporting items, featuring a locking hook on each end to achieve a confident connection whether storing firewood, keeping a lid on your trash, or hauling supplies.

Introducing the HookLock Locking Bungee, a premium bungee with an integrated steel hook at each end. But this isn't your average hook and bungee combo. The innovative steel hook is uniquely designed to hook onto an anchor point and easily lock into position on the cord. The hook lock maintains its hold with or without tension, staying attached to a D-ring or anchor point while you unload and reload items, making it the perfect constant companion in your truck bed, garage, trailer, and beyond.

And as for the bungee, the high-quality cord features a unique braided polypropylene sheath for advanced wear protection. Altogether, the HookLock design prevents accidental slip-ups and possible injuries, while making it simple to secure wherever you need some peace-of-mind, from the truck bed to the boat cover, woodpile, dolly, ATV, and beyond.


  • Hook lock remains attached for confident connection
  • Strong steel hook for added durability
  • Premium wear-resistant bungee with unique polypropylene braiding
  • Available in three sizes/colors:
    • Red: 24 in. length + 8mm diameter
    • Blue: 36 in. length + 8mm diameter
    • Green: 48 in. length + 8mm diameter