Nemo Equipment Victory Picnic Blanket

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$37.46 – $112.46

Atacama DaybreakAtacama Daybreak
$149.95 $112.46
Vendor: Nemo Equipment SKU: 811666034366

The go-anywhere Victory Picnic blanket is the ideal ground-covering companion for every outing, from beach days to picnics, concerts, camping, and backyard barbeques. Keep one in your truck at all times, just in case! It also fits perfectly in our Wagontop™ tents (fills the 4P), creating a wall-to-wall carpet feeling. It really transforms the camping experience, making the tent more inviting and giving a place for kids to spread out. For sunny beach days, pair the Victory with its mate, the Victory™ Sunshade 4P, for a luxurious escape from sun and sand. When used as a blanket in its own right, the soft flannel top, waterproof bottom, and stealth stash pocket will make it the coziest carpet for the outdoors you’ve ever experienced.

  • From beach to festival to backyard, Victory Picnic blanket creates an inviting zone for hanging out.
  • Waterproof bottom resists dirt, sand, and water.
  • Packs up into a secure and tidy blanket roll, with integrated elastic straps and convenient handle for easy carry 
  • Corner loops can be staked down for blustery days.
  • Reinforced corner webbing with grommets accepts pole ends and is offered in XL and 4P sizes to match perfectly with our screenhouse and sunshade shelters. 
  • Fits perfectly inside our Wagontop tents (fills the 4P) for a cozy floor and welcoming appearance.
  • Hidden stash pocket keeps small things and valuables secure and out of sight.


specs & sizing

Capacity 2
Minimum Weight 1 lb , 14 oz / 840 g
Weight 1 lb , 14 oz / 840 g
Packed Size 14.0 x 6.5 in dia / 35 x 16 cm dia
Dimensions 50 x 86 in / 127 x 218 cm

construction & materials

Color Atacama Daybreak

Acrylic, EVA, TPU Foam



specs & sizing

Capacity 4
Minimum Weight 3 lb , 13 oz / 1.74 kg
Weight 3 lb , 13 oz / 1.74 kg
Packed Size 17.5 x 9.0 in dia / 44 x 23 cm dia
Dimensions 95 x 95 in / 241 x 241 cm

construction & materials

Color Atacama Daybreak
Fabric Acrylic, EVA, TPU Foam



specs & sizing

Capacity 6
Minimum Weight 5 lb , 3 oz / 2.35 kg
Weight 5 lb , 3 oz / 2.35 kg
Packed Size 20.5 x 10.5 in dia / 52 x 26 cm dia
Dimensions 120 x 120 in / 305 x 305 cm

construction& materials

Color Atacama Daybreak