MSR Trail Lite Duo System

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Duo SystemDuo System
Vendor: MSR SKU: 06897
MSR's commitment to features, functions and use of superior materials helps you maximize your cooking options with The Trail Lite Duo System. This system is perfect for those who need the lightweight, space saving benefits of a minimalist cookset, yet want to prepare a substantial meal. Hard-anodized, non-stick, ceramic coated aluminum keeps the menu options open. The compact pot stores two insulated Mugs and 2 DeepDish™ bowls (included). The Trail Lite Duo is ideal for most cooking styles with two or three people.
  • Versatile cook system for 1-3 people
  • All items nest together to store inside pot
  • Items Included: 2 L Hard-anodized nonstick aluminum pot, clear strailner lid, 2 10 oz. insulated mugs, 2 DeepDish™ bowls
  • Material: Hard-anodized aluminum
  • Size: 5.9" x 6.3"
  • Weight: 1 lb. 5.8 oz.