Guatemala Antiqua Naturally Grown Coffee | Medium Roast by Black Powder Coffee

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Fulfilled by our friends at Black Powder Coffee

Origin – Guatemala 

Medium Roast 

Location at Origin – Antigua – Iglesias
Grade – Strictly Hard Bean
Processing – Fully Washed – 100% Sundried- (no mechanical drying)
Certification – Genuine Antigua, Organic by MAYACERT
Altitude – 1500-1600 meters.
Plant Varietal – 60% Bourbon with 40% Catuai & Caturra
Shade grown with Gravilea.
Grown in volcanic loamy-sand.
Cupping Notes – Super clean.  Tea-like acidity. Honey-crisp apple.  Floral with brown sugar finish.

The famous ancient city of Antigua contains over 43 churches, so it is not surprise that this special coffee gets the brand “Iglesias”. Antigua Iglesias comes from the Plantation Santo Tomas and El Vallecito. Both are located in Ciudad Vieja in the state of Sacatepéquez at the slopes of the Volcano Agua. The coffee grows under Gravilea trees in rich volcanic soil. After harvest, the coffee is brought to the famous mill, Concepcion Escuintla. During the coffee’s time at Concepcion, it is sundried on patios, separated by size, density, and color. The result is a superior coffee with extreme complexities.