Finish Line Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner, 10oz

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Vendor: Finish Line SKU: LU2509/BC0120101

Engineered to rapidly clean disc brake rotors and pads, Finish Line Disc Brake cleaner helps you maintain and optimize your bike's disc brake performance.

  • Acetone-free formula decontaminates braking surfaces by melting away baked-on brake glaze and flushing out dirt and oil residue
  • Displaces any moisture buildup on the pad or rotor, resulting in improved, predictable braking and reduced brake squeal
  • Strong enough to clean the dirtiest rotors, yet safe enough to use around paint, carbon fiber and plastic parts
  • Fast-evaporating formula leaves zero residue
  • Ozone-safe aerosol can is made from recyclable steel

Made in USA.