European Espresso Blend Coffee by Black Powder Coffee

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Vendor: Black Powder Coffee SKU: carro-2357896

Fulfilled by our friends at Black Powder Coffee

Darker craft roasted coffee (13.5).

Blend of 4 single origin beans hand crafted to provide a balanced and powerful espresso with a velvety finish. Also great in drip brewing process.

By adding a very small percentage of robusta bean, we are able to generate a long lasting crema with additional velvety mouthfeel. The blend is over 60% Indonesia beans creating the maximum baked chocolate while adding some Americas beans gives it a slight bite with a pleasant aftertaste. Ok, we sneak in a small percentage of African beans to improve the brightness in the cup (secret). Nothing makes Black Powder happier than a review. Try this wonderful blend that was created from memories of sitting at the Eiffel Tower with a flaky croissant and long espresso.

Why call it European Espresso? Simply put, that region enjoys a chocolaty and creamy espresso blend roasted at full city plus to derive a rich, naturally sweet cup with very low acid. Check out our LKN Espresso if you would like a more sour but berry finish to your espresso blend.

Having tried espresso all over the world, there is a reason this blend dominates coffee shops that want the richness with or without cream and sugar. This is an espresso that you can enjoy STRAIGHT UP!