C4 Cold Brew Coffee Blend | Dark Roast by Black Powder Coffee

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Fulfilled by our friends at Black Powder Coffee

C4 Cold Brew Coffee Blend | Dark Roast

Special blend for you to use at home when making cold brew coffee.

Single Origin Beans from Indonesia and African regions.
• Sweet body with a hint of cocoa and sweet- balanced finish
• Blend of Full City Plus, Full City and City roast

With over 3 years of development, Black Powder has found the right balance of beans and roast levels to generate a wonderful coldbrew blend. Some people coldbrew with any bean which results in a woody or cardboard finish. When you pick the best beans to develop each segment of the cup - beginning, middle and end - one ends up with a refreshing balanced coldbrew. Low acidity.

Optional to add cream or sweetner - you can enjoy this coldbrew straight in iced coffee without missing the world go by.