Bourbon Infused Coffee | Small Batch | Medium Roast by Black Powder Coffee

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$18.00 – $108.00

Whole BeanWhole Bean
12 oz12 oz
5 lb5 lb
Vendor: Black Powder Coffee SKU: carro-2323287

Fulfilled by our friends at Black Powder Coffee

Bourbon Infused Costa Rica Coffee

Country: Costa Rica Tarrazu

Process: Washed

Direct Trade

Before roasting, Black Powder infuses the green beans with Kentucky Straight Bourbon. We then carefully roast the beans slow and easy to maintain the flavor profile and produce a delicate cup. Our Bourbon Infused coffee is non-alcoholic.

Quantity is limited but we will accept orders when we are out of stock for our next batch. It will be common to wait 7-10 days for the next batch to be ready for shipment.