Adventure Medical Kits Blister Medic Kit

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Vendor: Adventure Medical Kits SKU: 0155-0667
Prevent, relieve and disinfect with the Adventure Medical Kits Blister Medic Kit. It includes both the tried-and-true blister protection and prevention of Moleskin along with the advanced relief and healing power of GlacierGel™ hydrogel dressings for treatment on the go.
  • Moleskin reduces friction and prevents hotspots from developing into blisters.
  • GlacierGel™ blister dressing stops and starts healing on contact.
  • Antiseptic wipes disinfect to prevent infection.
  • Includes two sheets, each with 11 die-cut moleskin pieces, uniquely shaped to fit common blister areas - no scissors required!
  • Includes two GlacierGel™ dressings - large oval and small rectangular.
  • Includes 6 antiseptic wipes, 6 alcohol swabs.
  • Wt. 1.9 oz.