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Ahh... Summer. It's the season we all look forward to, when we get to shed all of those winter layers, and lighten and brighten our Summer wardrobes. For whatever you've got planned for the warm weather, be sure to choose footwear that is functional, practical and looks great!

What's your pleasure? Hiking? Cycling? Boating? What you put on your feet can make all the difference in your performance and comfort. For warm-weather day hiking, choose a style that's lighter in weight. A fabric-leather combination upper will provide the structure and stability you need without being too warm. In low and mid or ankle heights, hiking footwear for warmer weather keeps you light and cool without sacrificing the performance you demand on the trail.

Not sure how your day will unfold? Then, you need to pick up a pair of technical sandals. They've got the aggressive outsole to keep you sure footed on the trail, and will transition easily to the lake, beach or boat. With water-friendly, quick-drying uppers, multiple straps to secure your foot and deep treads to help you hold on tight, technical sandals are the one pair that is truly multi purpose. They'll keep up with you, whatever you choose to do.

If travel is on the calendar, check out a casual shoe from one of our technical outdoor footwear makers. Style, technology and comfort are all considered in the design of this footwear segment, so you can expect performance right along with great looks and comfort.

For the inevitable downpour, pick up a pair of uninsulated rain boots. Available in all heights, rubberized rain boots make splashing through puddles that much more fun, while they keep your feet nice and dry. We recommend at least one warm-weather dance in the rain... just because it's fun.

Don't forget socks! For hiking, running or cycling, pick a sock that is lightweight and wicking, to keep your feet comfortable and dry, no matter how much you sweat. Available in all heights, from no-show to knee-high, socks are the one piece of clothing-as-gear whose value can't be underestimated. Happy feet make for happy campers!

Enjoy the season with warm-weather footwear that's as ready to go as you are. Tie 'em up, strap 'em on or slip into style and performance.

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