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No other part of our body is subject to so much strain as our feet. They maintain our body's balance, absorb impacts and bear our entire body weight, so it's important to support the feet as well as possible. The secret of the special Birkenstock comfort is our unique fit, which means that it's essential your Birkenstock footwear fits you correctly.


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Many people make the mistake of thinking they can wear longer shoes in order to acquire a wide enough fit. This can actually cause problems, so make sure that in addition to getting the right foot length you also measure your foot width accurately.


Take Your Time


Sizes can vary between individual shoes. When you get the shoes or sandals home, try them on soft carpet. Before you stand up, make sure that there is a little room all around; your feet will expand and change size as you walk throughout your day.

Good quality leathers often feel stiff when you first put them on. Wear your new shoes at home for a few hours at a time for a while to let them soften and shape to your foot.