MSR Isopro Canister

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Vendor: MSR SKU: 06927
When spending extended time on the trail, you need a fuel as advanced as your stove. Formulated for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, MSR high-performance propane/isobutane isopro four-season blend delivers higher vapor pressure for improved performance in cold weather.



  • For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, use MSR high-performance propane / isobutane four-season blend.
  • Propane provides higher vapor pressure for better performance in cold weather.
  • Isobutane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low.
  • The 4 oz. 110 g fuel canister can  pack inside compact light Wt. Cook sets.


  • Fuel Capacity: 110 g
  • Gross Weight: 7.4 oz
  • Approx. 12 liters of boiled water
  • Dimensions: 3.5" Diameter x 2.8" Tall

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