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Indian Scout Craft and Lore

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Indian Scout Craft and Lore


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About Indian Scout Craft and Lore


Charles A. Eastman's Indian Scout Craft and Lore is an autobiographical account of how Eastman became a young Indian scout and reveals secrets of the Sioux: how to read footprints, hunt with a slingshot and bow and arrow, trap and fish, make canoe, build a campsite, much more. Also valuable information on the language of feathers, weather wisdom, storytelling, more. This classic volume hearkens back to a time when outdoor skills were not just good to know but an invaluable skill necessary to survive.
  • Classic book
  • Learn basic native knowledge
  • Learn hunting skills, fishing, trapping, tracking and more...
  • A must for the Outdoorsman
  • Lost knowledge and lost skills
  • About the Author - Charles A. Eastman 1858 - 1939. He had a white mother and a Sioux father. Raised as a native he was educated and worked as a physician for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He became a writer and wrote about Indian life and skills. Fame followed and he became a well known speaker in high demand.
  • Author - Charles A. Eastman
  • Binding - Soft
  • Pages - 224
  • Publisher - Dover Publications
  • Year - 1914 - 2010 Dover edition
  • ISBN - 9780486229959

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