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When the temperatures plummet, we look for clothing and clothing accessories to protect us from cold and wind chill. But, just because the seasons are changing and we're on our way to warm temperatures doesn't mean we don't have to protect ourselves anymore! Whether your Spring and Summer plans include hiking, boating, cycling, running or just hanging out at the lake or beach, choose garments that are as functional as they are fashionable, to get the most out of your outdoor time.

So, how do we protect ourselves in the warmer months, and from what? Perhaps the thing we welcome most? long days in the sun? presents us with the greatest potential danger. Many of our garments include fabrics that protect our skin from harmful UV rays. Look for tops, shorts, skirts, dresses and pants that feature a UPF or SPF rating, and you'll know that the skin that's covered is protected. Slather on the sunscreen under your clothes and to all exposed skin, before heading out.

Another warm-weather nuisance is insects. Did you know that there is clothing with the insect repellent built in? There's no need to apply insect repellent to your skin, when you're wearing a top or bottom treated to repel insects. The repellent characteristics last for the lifetime of the garment, for bug-free comfort outdoors.

If your warm weather plans include something more vigorous than lounging on the dock or strolling through a park, then lightweight clothing with wicking capabilities is a necessity. As you work up a sweat, these engineered fabrics wick moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable, even in the hottest conditions.

Don't forget a lightweight rain jacket, for the unpredictable afternoon storms that pop up. It won't add much weight to your daypack, and you'll appreciate not getting soaked by the torrential downpours a thunderstorm can bring.

To protect your face from the sun, we recommend a hat with a broad brim or a ball cap-style hat to keep glare at bay. Designed to keep you cool when the sun is beating down, a hat is your best friend on a hot Summer day. Wear a fabric hat for UPF-SPF protection and wicking characteristics, or choose a straw hat when you're looking for something a little more breathable.

Don't forget to consider your clothing, when you gear up for the warm-weather season. It's as important a piece of gear as your backpack or bicycle is. You demand performance from your equipment so why not your clothing too? Your clothing should play equally as hard as you do, and look great doing it!

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