Stingray 7L 7.5QT Rotomolded Cooler Jug With Tap | Ice Blue by Stingray

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Vendor: Stingray SKU: carro-5420386

Fulfilled by our friends at Stingray


  • Super tough Rotomolded technology
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Stainless steel tap
  • 3-5 days on ice (weather dependent)
  • Volume: 7L/7.5QT
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • External dimensions: 
  • Internal dimensions:

There are coolers and then there are Stingray coolers! Our Rotomolded coolers are far superior to injection molded brands and rival the best in the industry. They are super tough and keep iced for 3-5 days! Our 7L cooler jug can be used as an ice cooler, but is more ideally suited for keeping water, wine, or any still beverage nice and cold. Fill it up and poor through the high quality stainless steel tap to serve. Ideal for fishing, boating, the beach or any activity where you want to keep your liquid cold. This model has a heavy duty stainless steel handle making it comfortable and easy to carry, but it does not come with a chopping board. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations - Some coolers say they are Rotomolded but are actually not.


Coolers come in all shapes and sizes, and can be extremely expensive, so make sure you consider the following before purchasing.

  • Ice longevity- cheaper injection molded cooler will keep ice solid and drinks cold for a few hours, whereas a more expensive rotomolded cooler will keep ice cold and solid for up to 5-days or more due to his perfectly even insulation distribution. So the question is what will you be using it for? And secondly how cold do you want your products? If you are going to the beach for 2-hours then a cheaper cooler may do the trick, but if you are going on a long paddle, boat trip, or camping for a few days, then it is most certainly worth getting a high end cooler. If you are fishing then spending more to keep your catch on ice not slush is wise.
  • Toughness and quality- You really pay for what you get in this regard. An expensive cooler is made by rotomolding which is the pinnacle of plastic moulding. It makes for an evenly distributed and thick mould that is far superior to other techniques. A detailed description of the different manufacturing processes can be found HERE
  • Weight- Along with toughness and quality generally comes more weight, so a large rotomolded cooler will be difficult to carry if full of ice and drinks. Look for a lighter, smaller rotomolded cooler if you are taking it on a paddle board or kayak. Consider wheels if it's a super sized high end cooler.