Sterling Fusion Ion R 9.4 X 70 Dry

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$278.45 $199.96

Vendor: Sterling Rope SKU: C1070ORA

The Sterling Fusion IonR, 70 meter is the largest diameter rope in the fusion range. The core construction improves all the specs, but retains the handling characteristics that won the original Fusion ropes such a loyal following. The most substantial rope of the Fusion series, it remains a lightweight, high-performance entrant. Its unique design is manufactured by first twisting multiple colored fibers into a single sheath-strand and then braiding the sheath to create the speckled pattern. The 9.4mm diameter is a great size for intermediate climbers looking to match a lightweight rope with performance while knowing that the diameter isn't too thin for a belaying. Ropes can experience increased elongation and lose up to 30% of their strength when wet. The Fusion Ion’s Dry finish is achieved by Sterling’s two stage process. DryCore™ is a proprietary process that treats all of our dynamic core yarn to prevent yarn on yarn abrasion and moisture absorption. This is the standard construction Sterling uses for every dynamic rope, even non-dry treated products. DryCoat™ is an exclusive treatment that protects the rope from water absorption. This reduces weight, prevents freezing and slows down the wear on the sheath to a noticeable degree. DryCoat is the key added feature of Sterling’s Dry Series Dynamic Ropes and, combined with DryCore, is the ultimate protection against performance degradation caused by moisture.

  • Fusion IonR is the largest diameter rope in the fusion range
  • 9.4mm diameter is a great size for an all-around climbing rope
  • Dry Finish protects and improves rope performance
  • Performs well across multiple climbing disciplines
  • EN 892 Certified
  • Total Weight: lbs. 12.7oz. (3,990g)
  • 70 meter length
  • Diameter 9.4mm
  • Dynamic Elongation 35.70%