Silva Guide 2.0 Compass

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Vendor: Silva SKU: 544910

Designed for outdoor adventurers, like hikers, backpackers and mountaineers, the Silva Guide 2.0 Compass provides pinpoint accuracy on or off the trail. 

  • DryFlex™ Rubber grip allows easy handling of the compass/great grip
  • Turnable housing usable with the SILVA 1-2-3 System®
  • Map measuring scales of 1:24k, 1:62.5k mile, inch (1/20th)
  • Detachable lanyard with safety release
  • Declination scale inside the capsule to simplify the calculations required
  • Mirror sighting when you must determine direction over long distances
  • Night use / luminous markings enable night time navigation up to 4 hours once activated by daylight/flashlight
  • Robust material withstands tough treatment and conditions
  • Red/black N/S lines in capsule ensure easy and safe settling
  • Waterproof