Seals Quickie Hood Loops

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Vendor: Seals SKU: A-QHLPSS

The perfect vehicle accessory for boaters with newer cars that have no place to attach front tie down straps. These Quick Loops provide an under-hood anchor point to keep the nose of a boat pointing forward without drilling, bolting, or otherwise altering a vehicle to safely carry a boat. Pair.

  • Simple, quick and effective vehicle tie-down accessory, helps make transporting kayaks or canoes safer and easier.
  • Open hood or trunk, position loop where you need it, then close the hood or trunk, leaving just the loop ends of the straps sticking out through the small gap between the hood/trunk and body of car.
  • Quick loop locks in place once tie-down straps are attached to the loop ends and tightened.
  • 1" nylon webbing is durable and strong and will not damage vehicle
  • *Quick Loops should be removed when not in use, since they rely on tension from the tie-down straps to hold them in place