Orca Sonar Sleeveless Wetsuit - Women's

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The Orca, Sonar has been the class leading mid-range wetsuit for the last five years, thanks to its balance of performance and value for money. For athletes getting serious about open water swimming who are looking for a step up from an entry level wetsuit, the Sonar offers technology for a great price.

The Sonar has been engineered to include panels of orca's Aerodome neoprene - 4mm panels that contain hundreds of air cavities that provide over 30% more buoyancy than a standard equivalent neoprene. The Aerodome has been positioned in the small of the back and core (Core Stability Panel) area to help lift the torso/core into the optimum swim position to lessen the drag and help stability. The buoyancy of the new Aerodome panels is complimented by the front 4mm Hydrolift Body Panel.

The Sonar's panel construction has also been modified to enhance flexibility in the shoulder and arm areas - with the DeltaStretch Shoulder Panel, HyperStretch Underarm and Multistretch inner lining providing excellent range of movement.
  • Silicone Hydrostroke Forearm Panels - Increased water catchment in the stroke phase giving more power and traction
  • SCS Coating - Drag reducing coating
  • Aerodome Core Stability Panels - Strategically placed aerodome panels giving buoyancy where it's needed and helping the swimmer achieve the optimum swim position
  • Low Profile Neck - Limits water entry, reduces chafing, reduces drag
  • Slipstream Zip - Low drag, easy to use
  • 39 Cell Yamamoto Neoprene - Full body coverage of 39 cell SCS - A very high grade of Yamamoto neoprene for a mid range suit, giving excellent flexibility, comfort and range of movement
  • Hyperstretch Underarm Panels - Excellent range of motion
  • Speed Transition Panels - Fast removal of suit enabling faster transition times
  • Core Stabilizer Panels - Lumbar and Hip Panels of Aerodome help core buoyancy and stability helping whilst helping you into an optimum swim position