Nikwax Tech Wash Travel Gel, 60ml Tube

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Vendor: Nikwax SKU: 17688
Hand wash gel cleaner for waterproof clothing. Tech Wash® safely lifts out dirt, revitalizes water-repellency and breathability.

This product is a non-detergent soap which can be used regularly to clean clothing and equipment without damaging the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings. Use this product instead of detergents or washing powder.

  • Keeps waterproof clothing clean and fresh
  • Revitalized water repellency of clothing keeps you warmer and drier
  • Revitalized breathability of clothing keeps you more comfortable
  • Convenient hand wash gel formulated for ease of use while travelling
  • 100ml tube can be carried in hand luggage.
1. Immerse item(s) in minimum amount of water in sink or bowl.
2. Use minimum 2 full caps* (33 ml) for 1-2 items. Use more if required. Add enough Tech Wash® to create foam.
3. Gently agitate to mix.
4. Rinse item(s) thoroughly in clean water.
5. Rinse cap after use.