Leather Conditioner by Nomad

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Vendor: Nomad SKU: carro-2273136

Fulfilled by our friends at Nomad


Developed in collaboration with Horween's Chris Koelblinger, this leather cleaner and conditioner is the product of eight generations of tannery experience. Perfect for rejuvenation of dried-out leather, or just for regular cleaning and polishing.

    • Blended entirely from cosmetic-grade materials
    • Special Recipe used by Horween leather aficionados for over 5 generations
    • Made in the USA


  • How much do I use?
    Use as little as possible. Start with a tiny amount, about the size of a grain of rice. Too much of this product may slightly darken leather. Use discretion.
  • How long will a bottle of conditioner last?
    The goal is to use as little as possible, as rarely as possible, so in most cases, the 2OZ bottle will last the lifetime of your fine leather product and have enough left over for other leather goods.