Kool-Stop V-Replacement Brake Pad Inserts

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Vendor: Kool-Stop SKU: KS-LPVBC
Kool Stop V-Type Brake Pad Inserts.
  • Replacement inserts for Shimano cartridge v-brake pads
  • Grooved for water displacement
  • V-Type: exact specification as Shimano pads with Kool Stop's patented plow tip, thinner than V-Type 2 pads
  • V-Type 2: thicker for longer life with 1.5mm more pad material than standard V-Type pads
  • Black: standard compound designed for dry condition riding
  • Red: semi-aggressive compound for good performance
  • Salmon: aggressive compound for extreme weather conditions
  • Green: designed for ceramic coated rims
  • Dual: combination of Salmon and Black compounds for more controlled, smoother stopping
Model: V-Type
Compound: green (ceramic)