JAJA ProStart Campfire Starter

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The JAJA ProStart Campfire Starter is one of the coolest camping items to come along in years. It will start your campfire in 5 minutes or less using only a standard 16oz propane cylinder. It doesn't get any faster or simpler than that. You don't need kindling or dangerous gasoline products to start your fire. No wads of crumpled smoke billowing newspapers. No lingering gas fumes. Just you and the JAJA. It evens comes with a FREE sparker to light it. On a personal note the JAJA has started many fires for me while camping or at the backyard fire pit but once at a campground it started a load of, campground supplied, soaking wet pine, much to our amazement. Without the JAJA we would have been cold and wet but the JAJA saved the day and the weekend.

  • Simple - Safe - Fast
  • Great for Camping or at the Backyard Fire Pit
  • Adjustable valve for total flame control
  • Free sparker included
  • Starts most fires in 5 minutes or less
  • Uses standard (easily available) 16oz propane cylinders
  • No lingering petroleum smell
  • Durable long lasting construction
  • Flared tip creates excellent flame coverage
  • Tank is a safe distance from the fire
  • Simplified Instructions - build a tepee of wood inside the appropriate fire ring or surface. Kindling is not necessary. Attach the propane canister to the JAJA ProStart by simply screwing it on. Light a match or strike the included sparker and open the JAJA valve. Set the JAJA in place under the wood and watch the JAJA do the rest. When the fire has started turn the valve off and remove the JAJA. Carefully place it away from the fire and away from other campers as it is very hot. In a few minutes when it is cool put it back in the box.
  • Before use please read all included instructional and safety material.
  • 30"x8"x1.5"
  • Wt. 1lb. 9oz.