Industrial Revolution Cellpod

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Vendor: Industrial Revolution SKU: 1936

One of the earliest camera phone tripod designs to hit the market, the Cellpod still holds its own in the mini-tripod field, with a design that more closely resembles a full-size tripod’s than most other camera phone support options.

It’s one of the more diminutive camera phone supports with a three-leg design. Its adjustable-angle legs are topped by a little ballhead mount, and there’s a Velcro strap attached to one leg so that you can lash the Cellpod to any suitably shaped object nearby. There are also holes in two of the legs, so you could thread additional straps through them to secure the pod or even hang it from something. The Cellpod kit also includes a tripod mount adapter with adjustable-position rubber-wrapped pegs that you tighten to hold a phone of just about any size in place on a sturdy platform with a standard ¼-20 tripod socket set in the middle.