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Vendor: Stingray SKU: carro-2338454

Fulfilled by our friends at Stingray


  • 3-Piece or 2-Piece shaft options
  • Super stiff fiber glass shaft
  • Fiber glass/plastic hybrid blade with carbon finish
  • Anti twist lock
  • Maximum length: 226cm/89 inches
  • Blade area: 99 square inches
  • Blade angle: 10 degrees
  • 2-Piece weight: 750g
  • 3-Piece weight: 800g

This is a killer SUP paddle that delivers! Great for beginners, but also good enough for advanced touring and racing. Designed and tested for high performance, but at a reasonable price. 3-piece design is ideal for travel, whereas the 2-piece is very slightly lighter and stiffer.


There are several different features of a paddle that you need to consider before purchasing. Below we take a look at the important aspects of the paddles.

  • Material- Paddles are commonly made from either aluminum, fiber glass, carbon, or a mix of both. Your standard paddle in a package would usually be aluminum, with fiber glass paddles being the most expensive. Always check the small print as many paddles say they are all carbon but have a fiver glass blade and grip or say they are all fiber glass but have a plastic blade.
  • Weight- Aluminum paddles are the heaviest with carbon being the lightest. You will certainly pay more for a lightweight paddle and this will make it easier to maneuver for Elite or smaller paddlers. 3-Piece paddles are heavier than 2-piece due to the additional connector pin.
  • Blade size- This is a very important factor to consider. Blade sizes might range from 80-90 for a small blade, 85-95 for a medium blade, and 90-100 for a large blade. A smaller blade is better for an Elite paddler because it will increase the turnover and feathering efficiency, and is also ideal for a smaller paddler as it puts less force through the arms and shoulders. A large blade is better for a novice paddler as it will catch more water with an inefficient stroke. A very strong paddler will also find a big blade faster as it can produce the power needed.
  • Blade angle- Something that is less commonly explored is blade angle. A smaller angle of 7 degrees works well for a novice paddler and makes it easier to catch the water. A 10 degree angle is very versatile for all abilities, whereas an Elite paddler might choose a 12 degree angle allowing them to get a longer reach and feather faster.
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