Grabber Outdoors The Original Space Brand All Weather Blanket

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Utilizing a four-layer construction of super insulating materials, The Original SPACE All Weather Blanket reflects and retains over 80% of radiated body heat. It is reusable, with full edge binding and grommeted corners. If dirty, simply rinse off and wipe dry. This is an ideal accessory for all those venturing in the outdoors.
  • Reflects and retains over 80% of radiated body heat.
  • Reusable.
  • Full edge binding and grommeted corners.
  • Shelter: Use as a personal shelter by facing silver side outward to reflect light and heat rays.
  • Medical: Help prevent hypothermia by maintaining body heat.
  • Protection: Use as a heat reflector on the back wall of a shelter to help trap heat from fire.
  • Ground Cover: Keep moisture and dampness away from sleeping bag or tent floor.
  • Waterproof/windproof.
  • Flexible to -20°F.
  • Size 5'x7'.
  • Weight 12 oz.
  • Two-sided, metalized polyethylene on one side, blue polyethylene on the other side.