goodr Mighty Mjölnir Sunglasses

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Forged from the heart of a dying star, the invincible hammer Mjölnir can only be controlled by those who are worthy. (However, these Mjölnir-inspired sunglasses can be worn by anyone!) Once shattered by the powerful goddess of death, Hela, Thor's magically enchanted hammer is back, now controlled by a new hero worthy of its power - the Mighty Thor! (However, if you shatter these sunnies, they do not magically repair. We know because we shattered dozens of pairs in the office and tried to repair them with magic before getting yelled at.)

WHO SAID SAVING THE WORLD CAN'T BE FUN? Now summon these sunnies like the Mighty Thor summons Mjölnir. If you're not feeling these, try our other heroic shades on for Super Hero Size.