goodr Circle Gs Sunglasses

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Freshly Baked Man BunsFreshly Baked Man Buns
I Pickled These MyselfI Pickled These Myself
Midnight Rample at Circle BarMidnight Rample at Circle Bar
Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle GStrange Things are Afoot at the Circle G
Influencers Pay DoubleInfluencers Pay Double
Insert Coin to ContinueInsert Coin to Continue
Nine Dollar Pour OverNine Dollar Pour Over
It's Not Black It's ObsidianIt's Not Black It's Obsidian
Mai Tai Me Up, DaddyMai Tai Me Up, Daddy
Kunzite Compels YouKunzite Compels You
Fade-Er-Ade ShadesFade-Er-Ade Shades
Stop, Drop and ScrollStop, Drop and Scroll
Bodhi's Ultimate RideBodhi's Ultimate Ride
Vendor: goodr SKU: CG-TL-PP1-RF

Introducing the new Circle Gs! We designed these shades to look good and fit comfortably on your face whether you’re doing squats with a dog in your arms or sipping a nitro cold brew.

  • Polarized
  • Made for running