Crua Self Inflating Mattress by Crua Outdoors

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Vendor: Crua Outdoors SKU: carro-5045857

Fulfilled by our friends at Crua Outdoors

The difference between having a comfortable night’s sleep and a cold and uncomfortable night comes down to how well you can insulate your body. And this is why we designed our self-inflating mattress to withstand temperatures between -13°F (-25°C) and 113°F (45°C). 

To make your life easier, we designed the mattress to self-inflate; this means you can set up the foam matt in minutes.  

Packing away is just as easy; simply twist the inflation nozzle and roll the mattress up from the bottom. This feature allows the mattress to pack away to a smaller, more manageable size for carrying with you. 

We understand that camping involves carrying a lot of gear, which is why we designed the self-inflating mattress to be as lightweight as possible. It only weighs 0.5kg, so you’ll hardly notice it in your backpack. 

The Crua self-inflating mattress perfectly matches our mummy sleeping bag, which helps you save even more room in your backpack.  

Keeping yourself warm on your camping trip is vital. You can have the best sleeping bag in the world, but without insulation between your body and floor, you’re going to suffer. Don’t make this mistake and purchase our Crua self-inflating mattress today.