Clif Bar Caramel Toffee with Sea Salt

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Vendor: Clif Bar SKU: 160030

The Clif Bar Caramel Toffee W/Sea Salt allows you to power up with wholesome, delicious energy, all wrapped up and ready to go. 

  • Sweet caramel and white chocolate flavors combine with crunchy salted toffee-flavored pieces and silky smooth drizzle for a treat that’s every caramel lover’s dream come true
  • Purposefully crafted to deliver the protein, fiber and carbs to sustain active bodies; a perfect energy snack to fuel up with – before or during activity
  • Made with wholesome non-GMO ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, organic rolled oats and real chocolate
  • Protein grams per serving: 9 grams
  • Contains soy 
  • Weight: 14.4 oz.