Blackburn Design Switch Wrap Multi-Tool Carrier

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Vendor: Blackburn SKU: 7097805

The Blackburn Design Switch Wrap Multi-Tool Carrier is like bringing a tool box with all the essentials to meet your needs except that it’s hands-free. The Switch Wrap provides quick access to the tools you need to fixing and adjusting.

  • Includes T or L handle wrenches that allow you to get a better purchase on bolts
  • With 15 functions, designed to field fix everything related to your drive train, wheels or brakes
  • Includes Chain Breaker which lets you insert a pin to put a chain back together or pop a pin out to remove a chain and/or remove a quick link from a chain
  • Stylish, nylon carrying case has sleeves for 20 g CO2 cartridge, tire lever and includes a stash for your I.D., credit card and cash
  • Fits under your saddle to stay out of your way until you need it