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Vendor: Stingray SKU: carro-2338433

Fulfilled by our friends at Stingray


  • 3-Piece aluminum shaft 
  • Plastic blade
  • Anti twist lock
  • Maximum length: 226cm/89 inches
  • Blade area: 99 square inches
  • Blade angle: 10 degrees
  • Weight: 931g

An ideal starter paddle for a novice or anyone just getting into paddle boarding. It's light enough and strong enough for everyday paddling and it won't break the bank. Make sure you carefully tighten the lock nut 3-4 times to avoid slip in the handle.


There are several different features of a paddle that you need to consider before purchasing. Below we take a look at the important aspects of the paddles.

  • Material- Paddles are commonly made from either aluminum, fiber glass, carbon, or a mix of both. Your standard paddle in a package would usually be aluminum, with fiber glass paddles being the most expensive. Always check the small print as many paddles say they are all carbon but have a fiver glass blade and grip or say they are all fiber glass but have a plastic blade.
  • Weight- Aluminum paddles are the heaviest with carbon being the lightest. You will certainly pay more for a lightweight paddle and this will make it easier to maneuver for Elite or smaller paddlers. 3-Piece paddles are heavier than 2-piece due to the additional connector pin.
  • Blade size- This is a very important factor to consider. Blade sizes might range from 80-90 for a small blade, 85-95 for a medium blade, and 90-100 for a large blade. A smaller blade is better for an Elite paddler because it will increase the turnover and feathering efficiency, and is also ideal for a smaller paddler as it puts less force through the arms and shoulders. A large blade is better for a novice paddler as it will catch more water with an inefficient stroke. A very strong paddler will also find a big blade faster as it can produce the power needed.
  • Blade angle- Something that is less commonly explored is blade angle. A smaller angle of 7 degrees works well for a novice paddler and makes it easier to catch the water. A 10 degree angle is very versatile for all abilities, whereas an Elite paddler might choose a 12 degree angle allowing them to get a longer reach and feather faster.
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