20 piece survival and emergency tip card kit. by Grimworkshop

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Fulfilled by our friends at Grimworkshop

Survival Information Card Kit

This set contains #1-20 of Grim's ever growing everyday carry Tip Card line, this includes everything from how to send and recieve morse code, to trapping on land, or in the water, how to pick locks, and more. Information useful for urban areas, as well as in a wilderness survival situation. This set also comes with a slide top tin marking it for what it is, information. Information for everyday, wilderness survival, urban emergencies, and more. Each card is double sided, and jam packed with useful information. Designed to be weatherproof, uv resistant, tear resistant, and long lasting. 

This Tip Card Kit Contains

Tip Cards

#1 How to send morse code

#2 how to make a pitfall trap, how to make a figure 4 trap

#3 emergency land to air signal, silent communication sign language alphabet

#4 how to pick a lock

#5 navigational aid tool

#6 Jug line fishing, and drinking straw lure

#7 how to make a net

#8 Water purification and distillation

#9 how to make fish traps, and improvised hooks

#10 protractor and ruler tool card

#11  how to set Snare Traps

#12 Shelter making, tarps, and natural

#13 venomous snake identification, and how to skin a snake

#14 solar water disinfection, and basic water filter making

#15 animal identification and tracking from scat

#16 animal identification and tracking from tracks

#17 solar clock

#18 how to smoke meat, and building an improvised smoker

#19 how to jump a car, and siphon gas

#20 how to eat tree bark, how to make tree bark flour


completely waterproof so you don't have to worry about being outdoors, or keeping them out of the rain

Uv Reisistant

sun exposure is not a problem with this tip card

Tear Resistant

Made from plastic to reduce threat of tearing or accidental puncture. 

Credit Card Sized Tip Card

This  tip card is small enough to fit along with dozens of our other survival tip cards in a wallet slot, or Altoids survival kit