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        Platypus GravityWorks Replacement Hose Kit

        The Platypus GravityWorks ™2 Liter Hose Kit features replacement hoses, male quick release fitting and shutoff clamp for both the 4.0L (Campmor sku # 84072) and 2.0L (sku# 84073) GravityWorks™ system....


        Platypus GravityWorks Push/Pull Cap Adapter

        Exceptionally light and easy to use, the Platypus GravityWorks™ Push/Pull Adapter allows any GravityWorks™ system to filter directly into any Platy bottle fitted with a Push/Pull cap. For filtering directly into...

        Platypus Duolock Cap

        The new Platypus DuoLock Cap will give you peace of mind as you journey out on your next adventure. Securely guarding your water supply, it stays put when necessary but makes...