Texsport Spray Seam Sealer

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Vendor: Texsport SKU: 15615

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The Texport Spray Seam Sealer will help you fill up small holes in tents, backpacks, outerwear and all other synthetic fabrics. The spray is colorless, washable, and flexible, making it easy to use. It is also non-toxic and odorless when dry. This spray is professional strength and guaranteed effective on all synthetic fabrics. It also reduces fading caused by the sun. It is a 14 ounce spray can.

    • Ideal for tents, backpacks, outerwear and all other synthetic fabrics
    • Colorless, washable, flexible - Non-toxic and odorless when dry
    • Professional strength - Guaranteed effective on all synthetic fabrics
    • Protects new or cleaned fabrics from water, dirt, etc.
    • Reduces fading caused by the sun