Roofnest Sparrow Adventure with Bars Rooftop Hardshell Tent

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Vendor: RoofNest SKU: SPA-ADV-REG-BLK

The brand new Sparrow Adventure is Roofnest's most versatile tent. Crossbars are included with the new built-in rail system, so you can load all your favorite toys on top — kayaks, skis, bikes, you name it. The Adventure is easy to open and close, and has all the great features of our Sparrow line: a built-in storage area with a waterproof bag, comfy 3" foam mattress, windows and doors on all sides, and durable, lightweight construction. This do-it-all roof top tent sleeps 2+ adults, and allows you to store all your bedding inside your tent while traveling.

ASA/ABS-Fiberglass Shell
The Sparrow Adventure features an ASA/ABS outer shell reinforced with fiberglass molded into an aerodynamic design that decreases road noise and improves gas mileage. The inside of the shell is coated with an insulation layer and attractive quilted fabric to insulate, reduce noise, and give the inside a softer feel. The lower shell is made with the same materials, with a special shape to increase rigidity and stability. Each Roofnest is rated to support up to 650 lbs.

Wall Material
The wall material is a polyurethane-coated polyester and cotton blend with a waterproof rating of 3000mm (for comparison a typical waterproof rating on a backpacking tent is 1000mm). The fabric is much thicker and tougher than a typical backpacking tent — it’s more like a heavy-duty wall tent. The material provides additional warmth, and is much quieter during a wind storm due to its weight.

Doors and Windows
The Sparrow Adventure and Sparrow Adventure XL have 3 doors: one on either side of the tent, and one on the rear. Both tents have a window on the front of the tent. Every door and window have a bug mesh and canvas cover, and you can unzip both for entry or exit from any side of the tent.

All Roofnests are shipped with a sturdy and lightweight 8.5′ telescoping ladder for easy access in and out of your tent. The ladder collapses and comes with its own heavy-duty storage bag. The ladder can be attached to the edge of the Roofnest for additional safety if desired.

Built-in Mattress
Every Roofnest comes with a built-in, custom-shaped 7cm foam mattress. This isn’t your typical camping mattress. It’s so comfortable, it feels like a real bed. Say goodbye to a poor night’s sleep while camping, and say hello to getting in a good snooze with a Roofnest RTT.


Style: Pop-Up
Sleeps: 2
Best For: All Vehicles
Cargo Crossbars: Included
Store Thick Bedding: Yes
Weight: 130 lbs
Interior Dimensions: 84"L x 48″W
Exterior Dimensions: 85"L x 50″W
Construction: Fiberglass-reinforced ASA/ABS
Included With Tent: 8.5' ladder, crossbars and towers, anti-condensation mat, detachable pocket, 4'x4' ground mat, waterproof storage bag, LED light, privacy tent


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