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      Smith Daredevil Kids Snow Goggle

      You don't need to be daring or reckless to appreciate a full view of the run ahead. The Smith Daredevil goggles bring over-the-glass fit to kids' goggles. Our floating foam design...

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      Giro Spur MIPS Kids Ski Helmet

      Created specifically for charging young groms on the mountain, the spur™ Mips® uses the same technologies as Giro's adult helmets in youth small and extra-small sizes. The additional layer of protection...

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      Smith Glide Jr. MIPS Ski Helmet

      The Smith Glide Jr. helmet offers the widest youth size range of any model in our line. Its lightweight design includes the advanced impact protection of MIPS®. An intuitive dial control...

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      MSR Tyker Snowshoe - Kids

      A kid-sized version of our strong, reliable Denali™ snowshoes, these easy-to-use snowshoes are intended for children who weigh up to 90 pounds (41 kg). They feature steel crampons and kid-friendly molded...

      Dino greenPurple power

      Giro Spur Youth Ski Helmet and Goggle

      Keep your kiddo cruising with the integrated experience of the kids' Giro Spur snow helmet and goggles combo. The helmet is easy-wearing and lightweight, and the goggles provide fog-free vision. Lightweight...